Written by D. Baskind

        Everything's turned inside out and upside down
        My life's a mess; my whole world's spinning round and round
        If I don't straighten up, they say I'll come on down
        They say all I need is a little direction

        North, South, East, West, I hear any one will do
        They say if I pick one I'm sure to make it through
        Prompting me to leave the comfort of my shell
        The choice I make could mean heaven or hell

        I'm falling down a hole without an end in sight
        This darkness and this dank instill in me only fright
        I know the jaws are closing down 'cause I can feel the bite
        My struggle continues just so I can see daylight

        Wait now, hold on here, what the hell am I fighting so hard to see
        Why labor when laziness is your best quality
        Maybe it's time that I fulfilled their worst fear
        Maybe the only place for me to be is right here

        2001 Daniel Baskind. All Rights Reserved.


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