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     Did you guys see the display the Rams put on Monday night?  That was amazing because they were not even paying to half of their potential. Of course the Lions suck!!!! That will help make anyone look better. Anyone except my beloved Cowboys.  Man, they piss me off in new ways every week.  Maybe someday if we all pray real hard, we can get a real quarterback!! Wouldn't that be great?!?!

     I know I know, we always have had good QB's in the past. So are we spoiled ?  Maybe. SO WHAT!  If the Cowboys had any football brains behind them we might get out of this predicament soon.  Do you really see that happening?  Me either.  Its going to be awhile before this little boat starts to float.  The Cowboys have so many problems even a real football expert might not know where to start.  The Dallas-Oakland game was very pathetic.  Oakland should be ashamed of themselves.  The Raiders could have scored 40 on us with one arm tied behind their back, if they tried.  I think they felt sorry for Dallas. Hell we only lost by 7 and we had 2 field goals blocked. That makes it a 1 point game, not that Anthony Wright or Quincy Carter would have a clue on a 1 point game in the fourth quarter.  Its really hard to tell who stinks worse. My vote goes to Q-Car because he has a bad way of getting inured so we cant see how bad he sucks.  At least A-Wright will take his beating like a real football player.  And then we have Clint Stoerner, the poor soul who has to be third string because the sorry ass owner/Gm of this team thinks that he has to be politically correct. If the guy can throw, then he should play. Not usually the case, but this is the Cowboys, we cant be so picky.  Quincy appears to be new to the concept of throwing an oblong ball in a forward manner to gain positive yardage.  Anthony seems to realize he is going to get killed in the pocket and rushes his throws. Stoerner appears destined to be a bench warmer because Jerry is a hard headed fool.  we need to get our shit!
 together and try to assemble something similar to a professional football team. Wouldn't that be a treat on Sundays?  Just like the good ole days.  listen to me, its going to be a long time before our Cowboys are any good again. We need new players at almost every position, most importantly in the front office.  We have nowhere to go but up.  Now, if someone would just throw us a rope!!

baby arm,


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