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The Guy's Corner... Headlined today by, Uncle Mikey


     Hello sports fans!! Uncle Mikey is finally back. They finally let me out of the loco house. So now I am here to bless all of you with my thoughts on anything and everything!! Lucky you.

     How about our beloved Cowboys? What happened to these guys? All of a sudden they are super bowl contenders!! Just kidding, I get carried away when I get more than one win in a row. Now all we need is 8 more wins in a row and the cowboys are super bowl champs again! Yeah, like this team will win 8 games in the next 3 years. Until we get some talent evaluators in here we are screwed. I got to give some credit to Quincy carter though. He hasnít been a disaster like I thought he would. Thanks to quarterback coach wade Wilson Mr. QCar can now throw a spiral like a big boy! Wow, next they will teach him to handle a snap and we got ourselves a QB. I canít wait. I guess I should go easy on QCar. He has done a respectable job in the last 2 games. But, remember you heard it here first. That guy is not an NFL caliber quarterback. As much as I would like to jump on the bandwagon and say he is the next Joe Montana, I canít do it. He is on a roll right now. Wait until he faces a team that has a winning record, then we will see what he is all about. My guess is he will choke on a fat one. Now, let me set the record straight, I really really hope he turns out to be good. But I canít really believe he will until I see it. The good thing is he is not hurting the team yet. The bad news is if he keeps on winning the cowboys will get a draft pick low enough that jerry Jones will screw it up as usual. If they suck bad enough Dallas will get a high enough draft pick that not even the football genius Jerry could screw it up!! hahahaaha. I think it might be awhile before the cowboys get out of the group of teams that are mediocre/terrible. Oh well at least we have the last two games to feel good about. Enjoy it while you can. We might not get very many more wins for a while.


Uncle Mikey ... out

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