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If you are a new band trying to be discovered or a developed artist simply looking to promote your gig, You are in the right place! 

Post the venue and genre of music you would like to promote in the box below..  Because of limited space on the server we ask that if you would like to post a song  include a link to the .mp3 file in the box labeled 'Sample Mp3'.  Please read below before sending anything. If you have a website include that also.




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If you do not have any idea how to get your song on the web please send an e-mail here. Please be sure to include an attachment of the .mp3 file you wish for us to post. If it is good enough we will use our server space to post your music. Please be aware that anything you submit to will be free for distribution of any kind, and is not responsible for any loss or damages.  Cafe-Paradise is designed to promote independent bands who support the free distribution of media over the internet. By pressing the 'send' button you agree to these terms. 

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