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Double Shots


Uncle Mickey here with a few quick news opinions for all you little slobs.  i
have an idea.  I know its hard to believe, but its true.  I think that if
the government really has Bin Laden cornered in a cave they would let him
just sit in there.  Wouldn't that be even funnier to just keep him surrounded
and let him either sit there and starve or surrender?  He is pretty much in
prison as it is, living in a cave eating lizards sounds a lot worse than
being in an American prison.  I know he would never go to prison here, he
would be executed but it a funny idea i think.  Or we could send in some
rabid dogs into that cave.  let them get a hold of him.  Or, we could send
some hookers in there with herpes.  That would be a nice little present from
uncle Mickey to Osama.  Just let him hang around with a messed up dingus for
a while before we kill him.  Maybe i am just sick but I think that's the way
the government should handle it.
     I had another idea too!!  Shut up, i know what you are going to say,
"two in one year?"  Well yes as a matter of fact i did have at least two
thoughts this calendar year.  My next idea is for the responsible parties
who are sending the anthrax in the mail.  I think when they catch whoever is
responsible they should give those people Aids and stck them in solitary
confinement for the rest of their lives.  No medicine and no contact with the
outside world.  Just drop them enough food to keep them looking like the guy
in the movie Seven. Its a good thing i am not President because i would be
wasting a lot of money on torture for all the idiots in the world.
     As for the Russians not liking the fact that we backed out of our
little treaty.  I have one thing to say to the Russians. "What are you going
to do about it?"

Uncle Mickey out

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