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"Bottled Emotion"

By: Christian Owen


I closed my eyes last night,

My prized possessions cast shadows in the moon light.

I can feel the alternations of dark and light playing against my face.

Falling fast, a fusion of shadows and sleep take me to another place.

A place not far from here, but if you reach for it - seems to disappear.

It is a lot like love, but with much less at risk.

It is an alternate dimension,

Full of feelings god forgot to mention.

It's a time without a place,

A man without a face.

Here there is no one to get on my case.

It is as describable as it is clear,

Yet as inevitable as Christmas cheer.

Spent my nights fearing the light,

Daytime seems to fuel my spite.

Yes, I do know true love's refrain,

But do I really want to go through all that pain,

And will I ever be able to love again?

These possessions of which I speak, 

The ones who's shadows are on my face,

Have once again brought me to this place.

Theses things are bottled memories.

Happenings of joy stashed away for times like these.

Shadows of times past eclipse the pain,

Tonight as before, they make me sane.

It's a type of lust, but without consequence,

And with much more innocence.

Together at last there is nothing to fear.

Lost in this feeling we share a tear.

Not quite love, but not quite lust;

In this moment, we don't even lack trust.

Yes, lost in each other there is nothing to fear.

But then confusion, the pain in my side is here.

What happened to tonight and bottled emotion?

It's morning, I'm awake, My pillow now my own private ocean.


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"Bottled Emotion"


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